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Document Capture and Processing Platform

Do you struggle with business inefficiencies and data errors associated with manual and labor-intensive document related processes? Having multiple document inputs and diverse document workflows makes business inefficiencies inevitable. Human mistakes, data errors, and process mismanagement, all waste time and cost money.

CP-1 is a universal document capture and processing platform that leverages AI for document classification and helps organizations digitize and automate critical business processes, increase process velocity, facilitate information communication securely while reducing costs and errors associated with manual and labor-intensive processes.

Organizational Benefits

CP-1 bridges the gap between digital and paper world, by converting multi-channel input documents into actionable data, which can then be easily verified and integrated into any system.


Flexible System Integrations

With connectors into other workflow solutions, CP-1 can be integrated seamlessly into any enterprise system.


Fewer Document Errors

CP-1 automatically detects when there is a discrepancy between documents and supplier or client information.


Lower Overall Costs

Cut down on older technology and methods, while reducing the amount of employees needed to run the traditional processing systems.


Automate Document Handling

Simplify the implementation of paper-based documents and information through automatic processing & classification of documents.


Ensure Security Compliance

CP-1 ensures compliance within business process workflows and provides complete control over document and information security.


Improved Employee Workflow

Streamline operations & increase workflow speed by accurately processing & ensuring the data is available to the right people for analysis.

Industry Solutions

CP-1 provides customized industry-specific solutions that will save your organization both time and money, by eliminating inefficiencies and errors from your business processes.



Enable staff to process and route documents in an efficient, timely and traceable manner.



Enable staff to automate manual invoice processes, and gain greater visibility.


Public Sector

Enable staff to improve security compliance, boost data accuracy and confidentiality.

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